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Record-Breaking Horse named after Record Album

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Standing an impressive 17.2 hands tall, champion thoroughbred mare Zenyatta was renouned for her 26’stride which helped her win more than $7,000,000 during her racing career. She was named after Zenyatta Mondatta, the title of a record album of The Police. The link between the famous rock band and the famous racehorse is Jerry Moss. He was the co-founder of A & M Records and is also the owner of the mare. Even though she is now retired and living on a privately owned farm, Zenyatta’s legacy continues through the Mosses’ charitable work that leverages her fame. During the annual Zenyatta Celebration, chances to win an invitation to meet Zenyatta are sold, and genuine Zenyatta items like halters and shoes are auctioned off.

Last year’s Celebration raised $40,000 for the Retired Racehorse Project.

Zenyatta’s owners have one federal trademark for their dedicated website and another to protect merchandise. Because several different kinds of mementos are sold, a registered Zenyatta trademark in four different classes was necessary. When figuring out the cost of filing a federal trademark application, the fees will depend on how many categories (classes) of goods and services the trademark will represent. The governmental fee costs start from $225 for filing a single trademark application for a single class.

It’s wise to work with a trademark attorney who can help you determine which classes and how many are applicable to your business so that you will have an accurate understanding of the costs involved in federal trademark protection. If you aren’t yet convinced that you need a specialist’s advice, look over the U.S. government’s guidance “Why hire a private trademark attorney”.


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