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Elaine presented a talk entitled “Drafting Animal Laws 101”  at the Texas Aggie Bar Association’s Annual Conference on March 2 in College Station, TX.

The legal wrangling over who won the Kentucky Derby was summarized in Elaine's article entitled "Disqualification of Kentucky Derby Winner Triggers Lawsuit", which was published in the American Bar Association's Tort, Trial and Insurance Practice Section (ABA-TIPS) Animal Law Committee's Summer 2019 newsletter. A lawsuit was filed after thoroughbred Maximum Security crossed the finish line first at the Kentucky Derby; but then was disqualified by stewards to seventeenth place. Maximum Security's owners have disputed the disqualification decision, and their filed complaint can be found here.


Elaine was the featured speaker at a Lunch N'Learn meeting of the ABA-TIPS Equine Subcommittee meeting. Her presentation entitled "Beyond the Basics: Creating the Next Generation of State Laws Supportive of Horse Use & Ownership" was given on July 22, 2019.


Elaine Marie Ramesh, Ph.D. J.D. 

I’m a licensed patent attorney and partner at Flener IP & Business Law LLC in Chicago, Illinois. As a horse owner and avid equestrian, I'm a passionate advocate for animal owners; particularly horse owners. I'm dedicated to the advancement of the equestrian way of life and have participated in regional, county and local comprehensive planning processes as an adviser to ensure that land use options that allow horse keeping are not overlooked.

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